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Junior Law and Politics Research Community Seminar Series

The Junior Law and Politics research community and seminar series is working to create a vibrant network of graduate students and junior researchers in the fields of public law, law and courts, and legal studies across institutions. We plan to host seminars throughout the remainder of this academic year, and into the summer, all via Zoom. Some will be informal "Bullet Talks" with multiple speakers presenting research ideas or works in progress. We will also host more formal Public Law Panels, in the style of a conference presentation. This seminar series will be an excellent opportunity to receive substantive feedback from peers and leaders in the public law sub-field. Submissions are open to all subfields, and we encourage a diversity of methods and approaches.

Bullet talks will be a total of 20 minutes. Presenters will give a short 3 minute presentation about a potential research idea or question with the remaining time dedicated to discussion and Q&A. If you are looking to workshop an idea to your peers in a relatively low stakes and informal environment, this format is for you.

Public Law Panels will be a total of 40 minutes featuring public law faculty from diverse institutions as discussants, facilitators, commenters, and audience members. Presenters will give a 10 minute presentation and be assigned a faculty discussant who will provide feedback for 5 minutes. The remaining time will be dedicated to discussion and Q&A. If you have a developed research project and are looking for additional fora to present and receive feedback, this format is for you.

Additionally, if you would like to serve as a discussant or be an audience member for our sessions, sign up here.

Lastly, if you would like to be more involved in the planning and facilitating of these meetings or have any questions, reach out to Siv Cheruvu ( The Junior Law and Politics community is also associated with the Global Law & Politics Network and the Building Convergent Research Communities in Global Legal Studies project.


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